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One of the primary motivations behind creating InvestorBill: A Beginner's Guide to the Basics of Investing and Business was to eradicate the long-standing "rich get richer, poor get poorer" trend. The second rationale was to provide regular people a way to profit from their familiarity with well-known companies.

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Our goal in bringing all of our content to the web is to make it easier for our readers to make educated decisions and feel secure in their ability to handle all of their personal finance needs.

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Many folks aren't happy with their financial situation. Boring employment and mounting debt prevent them from moving on in life. Finding your strengths and making a living doing what you love are two of the most important steps toward a happy and fulfilling life, and this website may help you do both.

$25 an hour is how much per year?

To find out how much you should be earning per hour, it’s important to take into account the number of hours that your work week consists of. The latest Labor Force Statistics data from the US Bureau Of Labor Statistics suggests men average 40.5 total working days while women...
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15 Tips For How To Get Rid Of A Car Loan Faster

Although getting approved for a car loan lets you buy a car and pay it off gradually, there are some disadvantages that come along with this type of loan. In this article, I’m going to show you 15 tips to pay off your auto loan early so that you...
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11 pros and cons of a 15-year mortgage

If you want to pay off your loan debt sooner, go for a shorter term like 15 years. You’ll save on interest this way too. However, please note that your monthly payments will rise significantly. Pros of a 15-year mortgage Saves interest: You will pay less interest over the...
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Health Care Insurance Coverage for Self-Employed

The individual Health Insurance Marketplace is a great way for people who run their own businesses to find flexible, high-quality health coverage that works well with the lifestyle choices they make. What is Health Care Insurance Coverage for Self-Employed? Self-employed people have a few different options when it comes...
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What to Do if Chime Closes Your Account

A number of our customers have had their accounts closed due to suspicious activity. Here is what you should know if your account has been affected. Whose accounts were closed? The accounts that were closed were those exhibiting suspicious behavior, such as spamming or engaging in fraud. What does...
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Best student loans for bad credit

Federal student loans are always the best option to take out when you have no or bad credit. If there is still a cost gap after taking out federal student loans, then consider taking out private student loans without worrying about your credit score requirements. Current student loan interest...
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Does Medical Debt Go Away After Seven Years?

Some people think that debt just disappears after a set amount of time, but this is not always the case. For example, many believe that medical debt vanishes after seven years. While medical debt may be easier to manage than other types of debt, it will not necessarily go...
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Compare Car Insurance Rates

Auto insurance is one of the most important aspects of owning a car. It can help protect you and your car in the event of an accident and help cover the cost of repairs if your car is damaged. What you need to know about auto insurance quotes The...
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You Bounced a Check—What Happens Now?

If you’ve ever written a check for more money than you had in your account, then you know how it feels to bounce a check. That sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach is one that’s all too familiar. What is Checks Bounce? A check may bounce for...
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How to use credit card lock and why it’s useful

Most people don’t know that their credit card has a lock feature, and even fewer know how to use it. Credit card lock is a great way to prevent fraud and keep your account safe. How to use credit card lock To use credit card lock, simply log into...
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