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How To Get Comcast Promotions For Existing Customers

If you are one of the millions of Xfinity customers, it is likely that your most recent bill was higher than usual. Comcast hikes up prices regularly for their services, leaving consumers with an increased fee.

What is Comcast Promotion?

As a way to keep their customers, Comcast offers promotions to both new and existing customers. The problem is, finding these deals can be difficult and time-consuming.

We’ve compiled a list of ways that you can get Comcast promotions as an existing customer.

Check for Retention Offers

The first place to check for Comcast promotions is by calling their customer service number and asking if they have any retention offers. When you call, tell the customer service representative that you’re an existing customer and you’re looking for promotions or deals.

The representative may ask you a few questions about your current plan and usage. Be prepared to answer these questions truthfully so that they can offer you the best possible deal.

Ask for a Referral Credit

If you know someone who is thinking about signing up for Comcast, you can ask them to use your referral code when they sign up.

You’ll receive a credit on your Comcast bill for every person who signs up using your referral code.

Get a Discounted Rate for Prepaying Your Bill

Comcast offers a discount to customers who prepay their bill for 12 months in advance.

The amount of the discount will vary depending on your location and the services you have with Comcast.

To get this deal, you’ll need to call Comcast’s customer service number and ask about prepaying your bill.

Take Advantage of Special Offers from Comcast Partnerships

Comcast has partnerships with a number of businesses, which means that they sometimes offer special deals to Comcast customers.

For example, you may be able to get a discount on a rental car if you’re a Comcast customer.

To see if there are any current deals, visit Comcast’s website and look for the “Partner Offers” section.

Negotiate with Comcast

If you’re not happy with your current rate, you can always try to negotiate with Comcast.

Call their customer service number and explain that you’re considering switching to another provider because of the high cost of your current plan.

Ask if there are any promotions or discounts that they can offer you to keep you as a customer. If they can’t offer you a promotion, they may be.


There are a number of ways that you can get Comcast promotions as an existing customer.

The best way to find deals is to call Comcast’s customer service number and ask about retention offers, referral credits, or prepaying your bill.

You can also take advantage of special offers from Comcast partnerships or try to negotiate a better rate with customer service.