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Category: Credit Cards

What to Do if Chime Closes Your Account

A number of our customers have had their accounts closed due to suspicious activity. Here is what you should know if your account has been affected. Whose accounts were closed? The accounts that were closed were those exhibiting suspicious behavior, such as spamming or engaging in fraud. What does...
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How to use credit card lock and why it’s useful

Most people don’t know that their credit card has a lock feature, and even fewer know how to use it. Credit card lock is a great way to prevent fraud and keep your account safe. How to use credit card lock To use credit card lock, simply log into...
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Credit card: How to get pre-approved

You might be wondering what pre-approval means for your credit score. Have you received an offer in the mail or via email? Then it’s possible that this term applies to you, and we’ll find out how! What’s a pre-approved credit card? A pre-approved credit card is an offer from...
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How to apply for credit card approval requirements

Before applying for a credit card, take a moment to ask yourself this important question: can you afford the responsibility of managing debt? If not, consider alternatives like using a debit card or cash. Know the Credit Score Ranges There are three credit score ranges: 300 to 579 is...
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